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Order for Mother's Day, Memorial Day, May/June weddings, Graduations, any special occasion!

Peony Roots Available Spring and Fall to Plant in your Garden!

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Visit the Farm & Tours

You may tour our Peony Farm Fields in Toppenish, WA during the blooming season,

May - 6:00am - 2:00pm
June - 8:00am - noon

Holiday Weekend Hours: Memorial Day weekend from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, including Memorial Day.
Mother's Day weekend from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, including Mother's Day.


Potted Peonies Available Spring 2022

We have red, white, or pink varieties potted last fall to give you a fast start for your garden or patio this spring!

ON SALE for $15 (Regularly $30/pot)

Call (509) 930-9068 to order. Pick up on Saturday 10:00am to2:00pm

Available until supply depleted.

Available varieties: Shirley Temple White, Karl Rosenfield Red and Sarah Barnhart Pink

potted peonies - available for sale in Toppenish, WA

Peony Roots Available Spring 2022

Peony Roots available spring and fall - $30/ each.

Available until supply depleted.

Available varieties: Shirley Temple White, Karl Rosenfield Red and Sarah Barnhart Pink

Peony roots available for sale - Toppenish WA

Reserve Flowers Now for May & June Weddings

100 stems minimum

50% down to reserve the flowers

All peony varieties available.

Peony wedding bouquet

Cut Flowers

Available May and June - The cost is $1.25 per stem for all varieties.



Adeline McCarthy, 1955, in her field, tending peonies


Master Gardener: Four Generations Bloom at Adeline's Peonies - Yakima Herald - July 5, 2019

American Voices with Senator Bill Bradley interviews Pat McCarthy on the story of Adeline's Peonies from its origins to the present day (segment starts at 12:04 - through 22:26) - June 2017

Adeline's Peonies featured in the Rooted blog - Salmon for Flowers - May 13, 2017

Adeline's Peonies featured in the Yakima Herald - In the Garden: Adeline's Peony Legacy in Toppenish - May 21, 2016

Family Owned since 1933

Adeline's Peonies was established in 1933 by Adeline McCarthy and the family has been raising peonies in continuously since that time. Our fresh cut peony flowers are very large and beautiful.  The peony farm is located in Toppenish, Washington, in the heart of the Yakima Valley. The fourth generation of McCarthys now grows thousands of peony flowers each year, with a large assortment of colors and varieties.

During the depression Adeline started trading peonies with the American Indians for salmon and huckleberries. Their current day customers are still members of the Yakima tribe who purchase peonies to decorate the graves of their ancestors for Memorial Day as well as the larger public who purchases the flowers for Mother's Day, Memorial Day remembrances, and May/June weddings.

Grandma Adeline's love for peonies was passed to son Roger, grandson Pat and great-grandson, Jay McCarthy, who manages the peony fields today with his dad Pat.

Their original field has expanded to encompass a new field for wholesale sales in Sunnyside, Washington, just 20 miles from the original peony field. To this day, 200 plants from Adeline's original plantings are still producing flowers for customers, over 80 years later!

Peony Varieties Available


Bud Stages of Peony Flowers

We can provide fully opened fresh cut stems or any bud stage in between:

Peony buds - grown in the Yakima Valley flower fields

Spring and Summer Wedding Flowers

The peony has become very popular for spring and early summer weddings. Our cut peony flowers are a very inexpensive way to decorate your wedding venue yourself or you can provide the peony flowers to your florist. 

Peonies are perfect Spring or early Summer Wedding Flowers

Cemetery/Tombstone Flowers

Our large, fragrant peony flowers create a colorful decoration for a tombstone in remembrance of loved ones for Memorial Day.


Table Flowers

For table flowers there is no substitute for the fresh smell of freshly cut peonies. They are very fragrant and will fill your home with the smell of spring!


Peonies in full bloom, available for sale in our Toppenish Peony Farm in May/June.

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